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Facebook Reach is that little number at the bottom left corner of your post on your business page. This number is a count of the number of people that have seen your content in their newsfeeds. It doesn’t measure true engagement on your page and is not a really good analytic to measure your success by – it’s more of a gauge of how many people are ‘seeing’ it and if Facebook deems it of enough value to share it. This can be confusing, since reach is still valuable information, it is just not a metric that is as effective for measuring your success on social media as ‘engagement’ or ‘likes’ is.

To explain this further, lets break it down.

What is Reach? – to properly explain Facebook Reach lets compare it to the many advertisements you see on buses in your City, both inside and out. Since they are out and about every day and they have a HUGE percentage of the local population riding them, businesses pay good money to advertise both inside them and outside them as a decal. Now, these ads aren’t easily measurable because although many people will SEE them throughout the day, they won’t necessarily take action on them. They won’t be calling up the businesses and saying ‘Hey, I liked your add on the bus, tell me more!’ – perhaps on the rare occasion this happens – but mostly these adds are for exposure and brand familiarity. Reach on Facebook works the same way. People are seeing your content in their newsfeed but they aren’t necessarily taking any action around it. They aren’t ‘liking’ it or ‘commenting’ or engaging in another way.

So, Facebook Reach is indeed a good thing, but it is not a way to measure overall engagement with your brand because reach doesn’t reflect those who have been inspired or motivated to interact with your content.

A majority of people won’t take the time to stop and fully read your content, but the fact that your brand has been seen by a larger number of people in their newsfeed means that there is much more opportunity for users to engage and take some action on your posts. This is why getting a higher number in Reach is a good thing, just for different reasons than your engagement numbers.

What do I do with this information? – Facebook is constantly changing their algorithms. An algorithm is a system that decides what kind of content is seen or not seen in newsfeeds. It assists in disseminating the vast amount of information out there from billions of users and Facebook decides what kind of content it is more likely to share. The most recent algorithm change will result in  a very small amount of your audience (your fans) that will actually see your posts from your Facebook business page. Facebook is all about friends and family connecting, so posts from Facebook Pages get pushed down in the newsfeed and take less priority. Your Reach is the number of people that Facebook has shown your content to, so a larger Reach means you are being seen more – which is good.

How do I expand my Reach? – We are fans of constantly aiming to get good organic Reach on Facebook without opting to pay for an add or to boost a page on a regular basis. We have been pretty effective at this by utilizing our award winning ‘C Strategy’ for our own pages and our clients pages. This strategy ensures the best possible practices for sharing on Facebook that will get you good engagement, excellent Reach and plenty of exposure. Ensuring that your content has good value is paramount. You want your fans to share your content to their own newsfeeds so that others can see it. Promotion is a big no, no, since this is practically no value to your viewers and Facebook also frowns upon it. Our ‘C Strategy’ focuses on building Relationships and a Community around your brand so that your followers are happy and motivated to engage, and share your content.

Do I buy Facebook Ads to increase my Reach? – You can do this, but we feel that with a strong commitment to a proven strategy there will be less of a need to buy ads or boost posts to get a larger Reach. We suggest only purchasing ads to get extra exposure periodically for your page. If you are offering some specials, or workshops or other kind of campaign then purchasing an ad can be helpful. Remember though – these ads cannot, and should not replace your primary goal of building Relationships rather than selling, so you still must be maintaining good value content on a consistent basis on your Facebook Page.

Your constant goal for your business page should be to always be providing value and to focus on fostering positive relationships and building a viable and active community around your brand – THIS is the true measure of success in Social Media for Business. Connect and build trust – THEN you will create active customers as well as true supporters who will regularly share your content for you.

NOTE: Facebook Live is still the #1 way to get fantastic organic Reach for your Business Page. So be sure to utilize this powerful social marketing tool! Join our FB coaching group below for more tips on using this platform, and read about FB live in one of our past blogs – HERE

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