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Facebook LIVE for your business - a Cue Consulting


Facebook LIVE is the newest tool to hit the social marketing airwaves and we are particularly excited about this new development. It is a tool that allows you to broadcast a video of yourself or your surroundings LIVE. That means in the ‘here and now’ – there is no delay between filming and posting – as you are broadcasting, your followers will be informed and you are available to view immediately. You are also able to view comments from your followers as you are live – AND your followers can subscribe to follow you as they watch so that they will be notified when you go live next. ALSO – this video does not disappear once you have done your broadcast – it will save to the page or group that you filmed from. This is great news, and can benefit small businesses immensely.


Well, we feel that this is a strong move in the direction of guiding social media towards what it is meant to be – Social. And this applies both to business and personal.

First, let’s explore how Social Media is so incredibly beneficial for businesses.

  1. Social Media is the online ‘doorway’ to your business. If you can be found online, your potential clients will explore you and your business online. They will engage with you, and learn to trust you – then they will call you.
  2. You can provide VALUE to your followers that shares with them what you and your business offer to the world.
  3. You can work on, and establish strong relationships –  which in turn, results in positive sales
  4. The ROI of Social Media for your business is that your business will be around in 5 years – really, think about that one.
  5. You can create a ‘Community’ around your brand online if you do it well, and partnered with a strategy, you will have a powerful footprint and influence online that will serve as a dynamic marketing platform.

These are just SOME of the values and benefits to utilizing social media for your business. It is no longer a luxury, and a fun thing to do, it is becoming a mandatory requirement for businesses if they wish to survive. How you can THRIVE on social media and stand out is part of the strategy. This is where FB LIVE is extremely powerful as a way to connect you to your audience authentically, and have you stand out from the thousands of others out there.

How do you stand out? You stand out by being YOU. There is a person behind your business, and often business professionals fail to realize that the more they share of themselves as people, the more connections they will make online. Social Media is NOT an advertising platform – it is relationship based selling. Which means: The relationship is the all important – NOT the sale. The sales come as a happy byproduct to doing your social ‘like a boss’

There is no one else out there like you, and one of the most important strategies in social media is to BE you and SHOW you to your followers. It is how you stand out amongst all the noise out there.

Facebook LIVE is a way to leverage the power of YOU – yes, you. The world wants to know about you, and it’s time that you start working with that. Leave the inhibitions aside, toss the perfectionism and get to work at being real, being authentic and being reachable.


Facebook LIVE is now available to everyone on their smartphones ( some smartphones are a bit delayed, but they will be set to go soon!) and it is also available on all of Facebook’s platforms:

  1. Personal Profile Page
  2. Business Page
  3. Group Pages
  4. Event Pages

This means that you can directly target the audience that you want seeing you and your message.

To staFacebook Live for your Business - a Cue Consultingrt your first broadcast, all you need to do is go to the page or group that you wish to broadcast from and follow these directions:

  1. Go to the ‘publish’ button on the group or page that you wish to broadcast from
  2. Click the ‘publish’ button. The window where you usually post status updates will open – once it opens, look for the ‘head’ with the circles around it at the bottom of the window.
  3. Click that icon ( the head and circles) and your live broadcast will open up
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen and get ready to go live!

There are many ways to leverage this tool on Facebook and the Facebook team has offered some ‘Best Practices’ guidelines to get you started. Click HERE to view: or copy and paste this link: https://www.facebook.com/facebookmedia/best-practices/live

Facebook LIVE for your business - a Cue Consultinga Cue Tips for FB LIVE:

We have some of our own tips on how to leverage this platform in the best possible way. Combine these with the strategies listed above from FB directly and you will be rocking the FB LIVE in no time!

  1. Show up – don’t wait forever, or until you feel READY to use this tool. The #1 strategy in effective social media marketing is to SHOW UP. You’ll be learning as you go, so what – it makes you human, and your followers want to connect to another human.
  2. Toss Perfectionism out the window – It will be VERY easy to overthink this platform and this tool. Our advice is ‘STOP THINKING!’ just DO IT. Many of us think we need perfect hair, perfect makeup, a perfect strategy, the perfect script. The more you do those things, the less likely your followers will enjoy your broadcast. Gone are the days of the polished and perfect ad. Social Media is SOCIAL, so your followers want to see YOU, however you are on any given day.
  3. Have passion in your message – There is a reason you do what you do. SHOW that passion! Free up your inhibitions and let your enthusiasm leak out all over the place. That energy WILL be felt by your audience and you can bet they will love every min. of it.
  4. Ask WHY – before you broadcast. “Why am I broadcasting this?” Is it to show a ‘day in the life of?’ to share a value or a message? Whatever it is, it is GREAT! Just know what it is before you broadcast and you’ll stay on topic.
  5. Write down little notes. If you are fearful of forgetting what to say – first, follow steps 1-4 and then also jot some important points down on a piece of paper before you broadcast. If you want to share a quote, or other important info – write it down so you don’t have to rely on your memory. This will relax you so that you can enjoy your broadcast.


The best thing to do? HAVE FUN!

If you need coaching or support to get yourself going on Facebook LIVE – feel free to connect with us at any time! We’ll be happy to empower you into becoming a powerful influencer on line!

Also – let us know when you go online by ‘tagging’ us ( www.facebook.com/aCueConsulting) and we’ll support and follow you!


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