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Are you a business that needs to or should send out Press Releases regularly but wants to avoid hiring a $10,000/month PR agency? Do you need help maintaining all the communications a busy business requires internally and with your clients?

Our team can provide affordable and accessible support to businesses’ often neglected but crucial aspects of marketing and client interactions— PR and Communications.

The role of Public Relations is to create and maintain a positive, inspired, and connected image for the individuals, groups, or organizations they represent. If you are building your credibility and want a strong reputation online and in the media, you must have an active Public Relations process. One small mistake or misstep can lead to disaster without the right plan, protocol, and language to respond professionally and not just react.

Get your plan in place today.

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Services Provided:

  • Press Release Creation
  • Press Kit Creation
  • Media Relations
  • Media Distribution
  • Internal Communications ( Internal protocol, processes, Company culture, etc.)
  • Crisis Communication ( Have a plan when things go wrong )
  • Interview Coaching ( Coaching for Key Individuals of your organization to prepare for radio/tv/podcast interviews)
  • Social Media Performance Coaching ( Coaching for high profile individuals of your organization in performance, company values, professionalism and protocol) 

Turn your marketing noise into marketing magic.

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Turn your marketing noise into marketing magic.

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