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What Drives Us?

a Cue Creative Marketing and Consulting Inc. is an International Award-Winning online marketing service agency providing business growth guidance, marketing direction and strategy implementation for small and emerging businesses as well as  larger organizations earning $80,000 and up per year who want to experience increased business growth, greater visibility and to be highly recognized as thought leaders and innovators in their field of expertise online.

We’ve successfully spotlighted our clients and put them on centre stage so that they experience triple their numbers – and beyond – in engagement, exposure, qualified leads and sales. It doesn’t matter where they are in their business growth, we meet our clients where they need us to with customized and strategic plans that holistically support them in achieving solid growth by empowering them to meet their marketing and business goals step by step with a highly skilled marketing team who’s ‘got their back.’


We know business owners have many options to choose from when it comes to finding high level Marketing Support for strategy and planning. We understand that this is a very important choice and that it is led by many factors. In order to engage with a Marketing Company, clients need to feel that we understand business practices well, understand their company, and that we can successfully support them in meeting their business and marketing goals. We’ve found that with the onset of Digital Marketing in the last 10 years, many marketing companies have been falling short of fully supporting their clients by not being able to view the full picture and align the various marketing tactics to ensure they all work together. What has been missing is a very important aspect that is often overlooked in marketing – Sales and Business Development. You cannot have one without the other, but often they are sold as separate services by separate coaches/consultants and organizations.

To take this hassle out of the equation for our clients, we have combined the Strategic Marketing Direction and the Sales and Business Growth development right into our services. We have experts in both areas on our team and they work together to create seamless and powerful growth and expansion of businesses step by step. In fact, we call it the S.T.E.P program. No matter where a business is in its growth, we meet them there and create a strategy and action plan that uniquely fits them to create the best possible environment for growth and success.



OUR MISSION: To make the world a friendlier place, we strive to transform the way people and their businesses communicate both online and off.

OUR VISION: We aim to bring clarity and direction, strategy and connection to businesses around the world. We strive to be number one in our ability to provide customized service, business growth planning and strategic marketing direction. We aim and set the spotlight on centre stage so that our clients can become the leading authorities in their field online to inspire the world with their innovation, thought leadership and business vision.


If you are in business in either a small setting or a larger corporation – effective marketing direction, business development and communication is the soul of that business. Powerful, positive and empowered communication with a clear direction and a distinct plan and strategy is what decides who succeeds in business and who does not.

We strongly believe that empowered and professional online marketing will change the  world by changing the way we communicate globally. It will give a powerful voice to those who want, and can make positive changes around the world by sharing their vision and their story. We also understand that you are running a business, and the bottom line is productivity and sales. Sales result with clarity and strategy and building strong communities around your brand both online and off.a Cue Creative Marketing and ConsultingComplimentary Discovery Session


The A Cue Team

Kaare Long | CEO/Agency Lead

Kaare Long

With nearly twenty years of experience in marketing, promotions and special events, Kaare Long is an experienced and passionate Marketing/PR Consultant. Through her full service boutique agency, a Cue Creative Consulting, Kaare has served Vancouver’s arts community and entrepreneurial sector since 2003 where she specializes in Public Relations, social media , online marketing and building communities invested in bringing change to the world.

Kaare long is a Digital Marketing Expert and Community Engagement Specialist who works with some of the most powerful entrepreneurial minded businesses in Canada and the US from Startup to 10 million +. She works with these businesses on their digital marketing strategies and platforms to support them in establishing themselves as leading authorities online in their field.  Kaare believes that every business is as unique as its founder and marketing that business requires vision, passion, creativity, commitment and a dedication to their field of expertise that stands out and makes a solid impact to their audience. Kaare’s superpower is in recognizing and igniting the superpower in others. As a visionary, Kaare is adept at shining the spotlight and showing businesses the way to elevate their presence and establish their authority both online and off.

Kaare has provided expert consult as an Online Marketing Expert for Small Business BC  and has served on the Leadership team for the #1 Networking Organization in North America, eWomenNetwork (Vancouver Chapter) as the online Community engagement leader and was honoured the top international Social Media acknowledgement award for Community Impact and Engagement for 2016. Kaare has appeared on numerous local media platforms such as; CKNW, Global, CBC, Daily Hive, Vancouver Courier, Westender, Burnaby Now and Huffington post, as a spokesperson for a community initiative that she founded. As a writer, Kaare has also been featured on publications online; Elephant Journal, Daily Positive, Entrepreneur Mom Now, Small Business BC and many more. Kaare has her own personal blog which was selected as one of the Top 30 Mom Bloggers for VancouverMom.ca in Vancouver for 2016. Her blog focuses on being a single parent in the Entrepreneur world and how to survive and thrive by rocking the boat – www.kaarelong.com

Volunteering regularly in the Vancouver community, Kaare sponsors and supports many local artists and community driven businesses and social causes and has been nominated for the ‘Power of Peace Award’ with YMCA the Wendy McDonald award – Vancouver Board of Trade for Community Catalyst and the ‘Community Impact Award‘ from Small Business Awards B.C.

Kaare is a certified NLP practitioner, performance/interview and speaking coach, professional writer and business digital marketing specialist. Kaare is also a trained performer and holds a degree in acting and is a professional singer and musician. Kaare has been honoured for her work with women in business and her visionary support and passion for communication, relationships and community within the business culture.


Kaare Long – Media Appearances


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Instagram: www.instagram.com/aCueConsulting

Personal Social:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kaare.Long

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Amy Johnston | Social Media Consultant

Amy Johnston

Amy is an East Coast girl living on the West Coast who enjoys travelling, photography and long walks on the beach.

 Amy is an East Coast girl living on the West Coast who enjoys travelling, photography and long walks on the beach. Once a primary/junior teacher, she now specializes in digital marketing. Her passion for the online world shines through in her dedication to getting her clients projects heard and trending online. Her experience in project management, social media, email marketing and PR is based off of years of working with a diverse group of clients ranging from a non-profit, a start-up app company, a skin care line and a veterinarian to list a few. She welcomes you to follow her on any one of her social platforms and encourages you to strike up a conversation!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/worldisurunway/

Michela Quilici | Marketing/Business Strategist

Michela Quilici

Michela Quilici is a business growth + marketing expert. “Business Navigator” is Michela’s middle name and she has a relentless passion for helping service professionals be seen and heard.

Michela Quilici is a business growth + marketing expert. “Business Navigator” is Michela’s middle name and she has a relentless passion for helping service professionals be seen and heard. She navigates mission-driven Entrepreneurs to achieve game-changing success, while building a business aligned to who they are. Over the past 17 years she has worked with hundreds of Canada’s fastest growing entrepreneurially minded companies, from start-up to $20+ million. As a successful entrepreneur, she works with business owners to help them get focused on the marketing and business development activities that will impact their bottom line and generate results.

Michela is on the Marketing Team for the Strategic Marketing Project and Plan Service


Alison Chang | Small Business Consultant

Alison Chang

Alison’s creative talents in telling brand stories, building digital engagement, and her eyes on long-game business strategy have taken her to from Toronto to Los Angeles and now Vancouver.

Alison’s creative talents in telling brand stories, building digital engagement, and her eyes on long-game business strategy have taken her to from Toronto to Los Angeles and now Vancouver. She’s worked with businesses in many different sectors: everything from Instagram famous dogs to leadership training consultants. She loves and excels in storytelling in all of its forms, especially in the digital social media space. She believes that social media has the exponential power to connect people to their communities, and build new communities that thrive on new ideas told in an engaging way.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alisonchangsta/

Website: www.alisonchang.org