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Who We Are

A Cue Creative Marketing and Consulting Inc. is an international, award-winning full-service marketing and business growth company. Our specialty is business growth consulting and coaching (scaling), leadership coaching, marketing & sales management, tactical strategy, roadmaps, and implementation for small businesses. We work with business owners to increase brand visibility, tighten up internal systems and company culture, generate qualified leads and covert more sales. Our passion is in supporting small business owners backstage, so they can get their business under the spotlight and up onto centre stage.

Our Story

Our lead consultant, Kaare Long, has worked with small businesses for 25+ years. Starting as a performing artist in high school and right after graduation,  Kaare quickly became engrossed with the business operations of arts organizations and began working closely with them in marketing and administration – this was when a Cue Creative was born. A Cue in the performing arts world means to be ‘activated’ or ‘alerted’ to your moment. It is time for you to step onto the stage and perform your part. a Cue evolved over the years as a small business, and Kaare learned firsthand what challenges lay within the small business growth journey. As a Cue grew, so did our team. Kaare has worked with some of the country’s most prestigious business growth, marketing, and sales strategists with over 50+ years of experience collectively, most of whom are highly regarded women in business.

Kaare’s passion for supporting and assisting small businesses continues to grow. A Cue now specializes in business growth, leadership coaching/mentoring and consulting, marketing strategy, planning and implementation. Collaborating with other local talent and expertise, a Cue has brought our clients the most highly rated and skilled services. We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners get onto centre stage and step up to their next level of growth, profitability and impact. Lights. Camera. Action!


What Sets Us Apart

  • We care about our clients and their business as if it were our own
  • We work collaboratively with our clients to co-create results-focused solutions
  • We take integrity and accountability seriously
  • We offer an end-to-end, one-stop marketing and sales management solution
  • Our full-service, professional support is a fraction of the cost of hiring and managing an in-house team of experts
  • We believe in an integrated marketing and revenue generation approach
  • We offer 50+ years of collective, deep expertise and executive-level support at a fraction of the cost
  • We believe in transparency, honesty and continuous improvement
  • We believe good communication is the key to successful relationships
  • We consistently hold the bar high for ourselves and provide a professional, courteous and committed work ethic
  • We believe the true key to success lies within constant evaluation, adjustment and never giving up. This can’t be found in prepackaged, off the shelf, instant solutions.

Our Leadership

a Cue Creative Marketing Kaare Long
Founder | Lead Consultant | Business Growth & Marketing Specialist

Kaare Long

Kaare is the Conductor, Agency lead and founder of a Cue Marketing Inc. She is an award-winning Marketing Consultant, Community Engagement Specialist, Writer, and Strategic Team leader.

Kaare leads a ‘hand picked’ and skilled Marketing and Revenue Management (Rev+ Team) that has led global business leaders and their teams to experience over double their yearly revenue target while working with a Cue. This is the expert team that you call in when you have tried everything else and are ready to get down to business, profitable business. Kaare has worked with some of the most powerful and innovative entrepreneurial-minded leaders, CEO’s and successfully established businesses in Canada and the US and has absorbed all the brilliance along the way. A creative, and critical thinking visionary with over 20 years of experience using both intuitive leadership skills and business expertise based on extensive training and study in marketing, communications, sales, leadership, writing, public relations, relationship dynamics, human behavior, psychology, philosophy, arts and culture, and health and wellness.

Kaare has provided expert consulting as an Online Marketing Expert for Small Business BC and was honoured the top international Social Media acknowledgement award for Community Impact and Engagement for a leading global Networking Community. Always the performer, Kaare has appeared on numerous local media platforms such as; CKNW, Global, CBC, Daily Hive, Vancouver Courier, Westender, Burnaby Now and Huffington post, as a spokesperson for the popular community initiative #sayhitoastranger that she created and founded.

As a writer, Kaare has also been featured on publications online; Elephant Journal, Daily Positive, Entrepreneur Mom Now, Small Business BC and many more. Kaare sponsors and supports many local artists, community driven businesses and social causes and has been nominated for the ‘Power of Peace Award’ with YMCA the Wendy McDonald award – Vancouver Board of Trade for Community Catalyst and the ‘Community Impact Award‘ from Small Business Awards B.C.

Kaare is a certified NLP practitioner, performance/interview and speaking coach and is also a trained performer, holds a degree in acting, and is a professional singer and musician. The singing, acting, and dancing come with the package and is a bonus when you work with her, but she promises it will be entertaining. Her Viking heritage also runs strong, she has her own sword and knows how to use it and is commonly referred to as a ‘boat rocker’. So, keeping people in line and in their passion comes quite naturally, of course. Do not expect the status quo or worn-out cliché’s here, expect the ‘fire and fierce’ to lead you to the new and promised lands.

Jen DeTracey Business Growth and Marketing Specialist
Marketing Strategist & Business Growth Specialist

Jen DeTracey

Jen works one-on-one with small business owners and CEOs in the a Cue Rev+ program. She will work with you to discover missing opportunities for growth in the leadership, the business, and yourself. All three areas are essential to meet and exceed your desired outcomes.

As a leader in your industry, developing and strengthening your high performance growth mindset is a key factor to achieving your desired outcomes. So is designing an intentional and strategic marketing plan that differentiates your company’s brand and value from your competition

Let’s get going on elevating your results.

With over 30 years of strategic marketing experience, Jen’s career kicked off in the music industry with 10x Juno and 3x Grammy award winning singer, song writer, Sarah McLachlan. This spring boarded Jen to Virgin Entertainment Group, where she launched and developed comprehensive marketing and sales plans for Canada’s first Virgin Megastore, doubling their revenues annually while in this role. As a result, she was asked to assess and resolve flatlining sales for struggling locations in the USA.

As a strategist and growth expert, Jen has consulted with businesses across a broad range of industries with a focus on B2B marketing. She became a contract VP of Marketing for O’My Products Inc. In this role, she transformed their brand packaging to increase product demand and to appeal to a more diverse customer base. Then, she developed exclusive educational assets as well as high-impact incentive campaigns for distributors and their customers in Canada and the USA.

In 2009, Jen gained recognition for her cutting edge LIFFT® Process – a proven marketing process that has benefited 1000’s of small businesses across Canada. She’s delivered this process through her keynote presentations, full-day training programs, and consulting.

Jen trained up as a coach through the acclaimed Erickson Coaching International institute in 2018. She is recognized as an accredited Business Growth Coach. Leaders and CEOs now have access to her Elevate Results Coaching Program™.

Chances are that in your industry, most businesses rely on the same-old-same-old to promote their products and services to the market place. Jen’s expertise across many sectors will help you widen your scope of possibilities with a customized marketing roadmap to blaze ahead of your competition.

Once we develop key growth strategies together, we’ll immediately focus on implementation.
Your company will begin to gain greater credibility and increase traction in the market place.

JJen loves adventure, travel, and swimming. She's swum across lakes, zip-lined above a tropical rain forest in Mexico and walked 100 ft on freshly laid hot coals. Jen enjoys curling up with a good book, dancing around the kitchen while listening to alternative 90's music, and personal and professional development is her jam.

What clients say about Jen DeTracey:

“Her ability to create clarity and focus is an absolute gift. Jen DeTracey works at a strategic level to help you where you are now.”

“Jen DeTracey exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend her to organizations who are experiencing growth yet do not have all the marketing infrastructure and systems in place.”

“I highly recommend Jen DeTracey. We discovered that working with her has made a huge impact in the speed in which our organization can grow.”

Julie Wang
Digital Marketing Specialist


Julie works with businesses in the a Cue Rev+ program to guide them in creating digital marketing strategies that boost the business bottom line, and provide them tailored tactical implementation on a monthly basis. As the Digital Marketing Specialist, her objective is to consistently close the loop from strategy to tactical implementation, to reporting and optimization for all Rev+ business clients.

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist of Tiny Planet Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Vancouver, BC, Julie and her team specialize in launching sustainability-driven companies into the digital age. With a diverse background in arts, special events, and marketing, Julie is experienced in social media, SEO, eCommerce, web development and more! She is passionate about supporting young entrepreneurs in developing digital and business skills. She is also a Surrey Women in Business Award Finalist in the category of Emerging Leader.

Julie believes in the value of having a strong work ethic and can-do attitude. She is described as having “more positive energy than anyone I’ve ever worked with” by her colleagues. With a strong emphasis on planning ahead and delivering on her promises, Julie’s career philosophy is guided by efficiency, transparency, and integrity.

a Cue Creative Marketing

When looking for a consulting company, I wanted to find the right fit with a team of people that understood the direction we were going and what was important to us and our market. A Cue went above and beyond my own expectations.

Montair Aviation

Right from the start, we knew we had made the right move. Their team is so professional, adaptable, and capable it's just a pleasure to work with them. They know exactly how to help your business by finding the gaps that you weren’t aware of.


We have absolute confidence in this team. Initially, it was frustrating learning about all the bad decisions we had made in the past and essentially having to ‘re-do’ everything, but now I feel we have finally made the right decision and we’re on a solid path to success”

360 Home RenovationsSunny Parveer, CEO

The a Cue team is very thorough in assessing what really needs to be done and we recommend their team when you feel you are looking for a fully integrative process that works. We value their insightfulness, transparency and their level of expertise in all things marketing and business!

Thompson and Stenning Design

From providing quality social media posting to market planning details and a refined attitude to success, these ladies are of high quality in all aspects of business. I would highly recommend Kaare Long's team for any Marketing and Social Media needs your business may require.

Interior DesignerChad Schmuland

The team at a Cue planned and executed multiple proactive conversations, on a daily basis, in the weeks leading up to our event. Without their help we would have missed the critical customer conversations that only happen in the digital marketing realm.

Granville Island MarketingScott Fraser

I have found the a Cue team to be very organized, effective and easy to work with. They have been also very helpful with the company's marketing recruitment process in the initial stages of scanning candidates. A wealth of resources!

Richmond AdvisoryClaire Cui

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