Set the Stage
for Growth

Set the Stage for Growth

REV+ Program

CEOs and founding owners work with us to build a full sales and marketing engine.

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Marketing Program

We work with growing companies to orchestrate sales and marketing activities to achieve business goals.

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We set the stage and create magic by integrating two independent business processes: Marketing & Sales

We help clients capitalize on the synergy between revenue management, profit generation, and marketing, which drives demand and generates leads. We do this by leading results- oriented “Marketing – Sales as a service” (M-SAAS) business development teams and supporting them with our proprietary Rev + Program methodology to increase brand awareness, generate leads, build pipelines, and increase sales for our clients.

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a Cue is a one-stop remote marketing and sales management agency for growth-stage companies. We offer outsourced executive level strategy, planning, and implementation of integrated revenue generation management and marketing activities.

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When looking for a consulting company, I wanted to find the right fit with a team of people that understood the direction we were going and what was important to us and our market. A Cue went above and beyond my own expectations.

Montair Aviation

Right from the start, we knew we had made the right move. Their team is so professional, adaptable, and capable it's just a pleasure to work with them. They know exactly how to help your business by finding the gaps that you weren’t aware of.


We have absolute confidence in this team. Initially, it was frustrating learning about all the bad decisions we had made in the past and essentially having to ‘re-do’ everything, but now I feel we have finally made the right decision and we’re on a solid path to success”

360 Home RenovationsSunny Parveer, CEO

The a Cue team is very thorough in assessing what really needs to be done and we recommend their team when you feel you are looking for a fully integrative process that works. We value their insightfulness, transparency and their level of expertise in all things marketing and business!

Thompson and Stenning Design

From providing quality social media posting to market planning details and a refined attitude to success, these ladies are of high quality in all aspects of business. I would highly recommend Kaare Long's team for any Marketing and Social Media needs your business may require.

Interior DesignerChad Schmuland

The team at a Cue planned and executed multiple proactive conversations, on a daily basis, in the weeks leading up to our event. Without their help we would have missed the critical customer conversations that only happen in the digital marketing realm.

Granville Island MarketingScott Fraser

I have found the a Cue team to be very organized, effective and easy to work with. They have been also very helpful with the company's marketing recruitment process in the initial stages of scanning candidates. A wealth of resources!

Richmond AdvisoryClaire Cui

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