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What is this ‘C Strategy’ we talk about? It is a carefully constructed Internationally Award Winning process that infuses certain actions and planning for social media that results in a powerful and engaged community online for your business.

Social Media a Cue Creative ConsultingWe’ve established the C Strategy after years of studying, working in and learning about how Social Media works, and the best practices or ‘systems’ for using this medium to market your business in a powerful way. Leveraging social media marketing can increase your audience and customer base in an incredible way – BUT, when you are just getting started, it can be overwhelming and you may feel like giving up when you don’t immediately get the results you desire.

This is why we have developed the C Strategy – we’re putting our years of learning, watching, insight and tracking certain practices in social media that WORK into a simple and easy to follow plan.

It’s extremely important that you understand the BASIC fundamentals for social media marketing, and that you understand the VALUE of this platform is based on quality over quantity and an ROI that focuses on relationships over direct sales – we like to say it is ROR – Return on Relationship.  Don’t get us wrong, your bottom line is important, it’s ALWAYS important, but for social media marketing to work for your bottom line, you must approach it differently.

Put relationships first and Sales Second.

With consistent and committed focus to these priorities your sales will naturally increase as your online relationships grow and a community is built around your brand.

a Cue Creative Consulting

There are  12 strategies that will serve to build your foundation and your community around your brand so that you can serve regular value to your followers, increase your brand awareness and give you a solid and engaging footprint online. Social Media is SOCIAL – your best strategy remembers this in every step.

This is the basic outline of these strategies that we teach in our coaching sessions. The FULL BREAKDOWN is no longer publicly available since it is one of our coaching tools, but the strategies still be accessed on our online Facebook ‘C Strategy’ Social Media Coaching Community. To join that community follow these steps:

1. Please click the link , then click join.

2. Be sure to sign up to our community to be approved instantly to join the group.

Award Winning – C Strategy

Connection, Communication, Creativity, Content, Collaboration, Community, Change

1. The Strategy of Listening ( Connection )

2. The Strategy of Clarity ( Connection )

3. The Strategy of Quality ( Connection )

4. The Strategy of Patience ( Communication/Collaboration)

5. The Strategy of Compounding ( Communication/Creativity)

6. The Strategy of Influence ( Communication/Collaboration)

7. The Strategy of Value ( Creativity / Content / Collaboration )

8. The Strategy of Acknowledgment ( Connection/ Communication / Community)

9. The Strategy of Accessibility ( Communication/ Community )

10. The Strategy of Reciprocity ( Communication / Collaboration / Community )

11. The Strategy of Mission ( Communication/ Community / Change )

12. The Strategy of Creation ( Connection / Communication / Creativity / Content / Community / Collaboration / Change


If you follow these 12 strategies for implementation of a C Strategy for your social media marketing you will undoubtedly be successful  and have a solid footprint online for your business. Take your time with it, work with it and trust in the process. For more detailed information on these strategies and how to implement them, connect with us to begin a coaching relationship, or join our online community!

a Cue Creative Consulting

Need some accountability?

If you would like to have a more focused one on one coaching experience with us that puts these strategies into play for your social media marketing platforms, then connect with us. We have a variety of coaching packages that can support you in becoming a highly visible member of the online community – we offer a FREE 30 min discovery session initially so that you can explore how we can support you best.

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