As a social media manager of almost four years, I have come across my fair share of clients – the good, the bad and the ugly. What I want to share with you today is the top 5 mistakes the bad and ugly clients have made, and what you can learn from them so that you can have  stronger relationship with your social media manager that will result in more positive results for your business.

Here are 5 top mistakes that clients make when working with a social media manager:

No personal connection. Once you hire a social media manager, it’s essential that you and your manager meet to form a personal connection and ensure that your values and interests are aligned. This connection can either be made through an online interaction via, Skype (ensure to turn the camera on) or in person at a local coffee shop. It’s important to meet who you hired as they will be personally connecting to your community and potentially, your close friends, family and business partners.

Very little to no communication. It’s important to keep in contact with your manager. Don’t just hire and ghost! This isn’t Tinder. Regular check-ins via email or in person keeps that imperative connection going. It provides you the opportunity to supply your manager important content updates that is critical to maintaining your social strategy.

Unrealistic expectations. When laying out goals for your manager, refrain yourself from uttering these words, “I want to go viral”. Going “viral” is not an easy or overnight task nor should it be your #1 priority. Similarly, putting a number on how many followers you want to gain a month is just as bad. Your concerns should be in creating engagement with your community and fostering important relationships. Once this is done, these relationships will turn into leads and leads will turn into paying customers.

Not providing assets at all or on a regular basis. Sharing assets with your manager is a must. If your manager has nothing to work with, how is he or she suppose to create amazing content for you? Assets to share can be branding (logos, headshots, fonts), photos, videos, quotes, blogs, documents, etc.

Going rogue. Do not go rogue and post content on your own. This is what you’ve hired a social media manager for. Your manager has carefully crafted a content calendar choosing strategic times in the day to post and if you randomly choose to post this can drastically change your posts performance. It also completely changes the flow of the content calendar making more work for your manager. Therefore, if you feel inclined to post, please inform your manager via email or shoot them a text. They will thank you!

Now, I know these seem like easy mistakes for a client NOT to make, however, you would be very surprised! Unfortunately, I see these mistakes on a regular basis. So if you’re reading this article I hope these are mistakes you can avoid with your social media manager.

Forming a respectful and trusting working relationship between you and your manager will greatly benefit you and your business goals.

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