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You already know how important marketing is to your livelihood. It is the key element of every business and its job is to generate leads and put them into your pipeline to make sales and generate revenue. Often, the leader of the business can become the bottleneck and stall progress. This is quite common but can be overcome with some attention and strategy. 

Marketing Evolution

Marketing has been around for years, but its tactics, approach, and function have changed with the times. For example, social media revolutionized the marketing platform and brought affordable lead generation opportunities that had never existed before. However, this shiny new toy also brought its downsides and a heavy reliance – especially with smaller businesses – on it to bring in all the leads.

This resulted in a generalized ‘tactic heavy’ approach as businesses and their marketers approached digital marketing from a tactical basis rather than a strategic one. Implementing task after task – Social Media, SEO, New Website, Blogs, Newsletter, Paid Ads, Google Ads, etc. What these ‘tactics’ fail to do is generate solid, strategic, marketing magic for your business in a consistent way.

Lack of ROI

Time and time again business owners express their intense frustration about spending thousands of dollars monthly and pumping it into Digital Marketing tactics, thinking this is what they needed to do. They would not see the results they wanted, and their clients or target market couldn’t find them online. Their revenue would struggle and the ROI of marketing as a whole would become questionable to them.

This is unfortunate, and many businesses learn the hard way. Once the essential mistake of putting tactics ahead of strategy is resolved, a business can be ready to re-invest in a smart, efficient, productive, and results-oriented way that focuses on the overall marketing strategy first and then Cue the Marketing Magic!

We believe that our one most important task with our clients is to focus on strategy before tactics.

Have a Strategy

Marketing without strategy is like an orchestra without a conductor: it’s just noise. Great marketing magic is like creating a beautiful symphony. You need all the instruments playing together in harmony, in order for the audience to hear a beautiful score of music that captures their hearts and minds. The age-old rule of marketing still stands:

Buyers make decisions with emotion first and logic second.

To capture that emotion, you need to know how and when to speak to the clients you want. You need to know what they want, where they hang out, what their pain points are, and then provide the solution they are looking for.

Our Experience

As a case study, we experienced this effect and the instant results of focusing on strategy most dramatically with a Home Renovation client. This client had been spending thousands of dollars a month for years on separate tactics for their marketing efforts. The result was always the same – limited or no new prospects and a lot of money spent that was not returning the value. They were frustrated and defeated, and rightfully so.  When they finally reached out to us, we implemented a thorough strategy and plan for them after an initial audit of their current marketing efforts and their sales systems within their business.

In the first year of implementing the strategy, this company experienced over double its revenue target for the year 2020 even within the climate of a global pandemic. The ROI of their marketing efforts for that year was profound and it changed the way they viewed their approach to marketing and sales within their business for good.

“After many years of working with individual marketing experts and not getting the results we desired, we are so thrilled to finally have found a revenue management team that does it all with us and is top of their class. It is like having our very own internal marketing and sales team without the extra expense of hiring senior-level, first-line management in-house. We are so blessed to have achieved so much success lately, especially during these times. We have now exceeded (by double) our revenue target for 2020 and plan to continue working with them as we have directly seen the growth in our business and the results.”  Sunny Takhar – 360 Building Group

The Best Approach

A good marketing agency will always approach the strategy first by developing plans and tactical campaigns that position a brand and showcase their particular brilliance so that their company stands out above all the other noise online. No one tactic will be the breadwinner for a business – that is the biggest mistake we see businesses make. A marketer’s single most important role is to ensure that businesses are made aware of this and that they are provided a solid, effective, unique-to-them strategy and plan that chooses the right tactical efforts and plays to their strengths and one that is set up for consistent and constant review and optimization.

Once you get the orchestra playing with all the right instruments coming in at the right time, you have a perfect soundscape that moves the right people to make the decision to buy. This is the perfectly tuned orchestration of marketing magic and sales activities that produce measurable results.

Find out what is working for your business and what could use some work. A Sales and Business Strategy Audit is the best place to start as it will set you on the right path to strategy building and provide a detailed assessment of your unique business and your brand magic.

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