The Top 5 Mistakes that Businesses are Making in Social Media

By: Kaare Long CEO a Cue Creative Consulting –

I am constantly surprised by how much I hear from folks in business that Social Media is just not that important.

Social Media – Is it really worth it? Do you run a business? And have you ever heard yourself saying these things?

  1. I simply do not have the time.
  2. It’s not enough of an ROI – it’s wasted money!
  3. Nobody cares about Social Media anyway.
  4. I don’t want my business and my life on-line!
  5. People shouldn’t spend so much time on-line!
  6. I don’t know how to do it, so why bother?

If any of these statements sound familiar, I urge you to consider that these beliefs may hinder your business growth drastically and may even stop it all together.

YES – Social Media IS that important. The problem is that most people just don’t have enough education on the matter, and so don’t really realize the power that this medium has for marketing. They don’t understand it, so rule it out as a waste of time.

The bottom line is: its all about the bottom line.

And Social Media is MANDATORY.

Yes, Social Media takes up a lot of time. But it is invaluable as a Marketing Strategy for EVERY business.

Folks, the Social Media Revolution is upon us. Resistance is Futile.

So, okay – I’ve convinced you. Now, what are the Top 5 mistakes businesses make in Social Media?

  1. No Plan. Every dream requires a goal, and without goals you won’t really get anywhere. Social Media is the same. As an invaluable tool for your business you need to set measurable goals for your social media. Then, once you have met your goals, or not, you can measure your success from that and make adjustments if needed.
  2. No Content Strategy. The proper content, which interestingly enough is informed by that little old ‘plan’ up above, leads to engaged conversations online which then lead to solid relationships online which then, like magic, lead to Sales and that elusive Social Media ROI for your business. Have a strategy, and follow it.
  3. Forgetting the Social in Social Media. I know it feels different behind that computer screen or that smart phone, but you must remember that you are still dealing with Human Beings on the other end of that device. Treat accounts like people, because they ARE. Be Kind. Be Polite. Be Considerate. EVERYTHING you say online, no matter how innocent you think it is at the time, becomes a reflection of your brand. ALSO, nobody wants to deal with someone who is constantly talking about themselves. The biggest key to social media is to PROMOTE others, not yourself.
  4. Giving up. Not Committing to Long Term. Okay, so you’ve got these sparkly new Social Media platforms set up, nifty covers and profile pics and you are excited to get going. However, after the 1st month or so you get discouraged that you haven’t gotten 5000 likes and followers. MANY business owners give up here and stop posting. This is DEATH to your business! Social Media is about consistency of message, brand and presence, so that when a potential client lands on your FB page they don’t see tumbleweeds rolling through. Embrace DAILY posting to your social platforms as a RULE for your business maintenance. Social media takes time, commit to it and you will see results.
  5. Being Too Serious. This is a big issue. Social Media is social and the more creative, fun and interesting you can be with your posts the more engagement you will get! To be the life of the party, enjoy yourself! Find your own voice, experiment and have FUN!

I’ve included an infographic with all these points so you can print it out, share it, do whatever you wish with it to remind yourself what NOT to do in the world of social media.

And remember: Don’t make the BIGGEST mistake of all and not have ANY Social Media Presence for your business.

If you don’t understand how it works, or feel you don’t have the time there are PLENTY of organizations that specialize in just this kind of marketing, because it IS that important. Find a company that fits with you and no more excuses – because there really aren’t any valid ones. Stay with the times, be a business who is current and business savvy for this age.

Now, get Social and Enjoy!





Kaare Long