How to ‘Toss The Toxic’ in Business and Personal Relationships

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The top telltale signs that you are dealing with a ‘difficult  or ‘toxic person’ are: They are victims – always blaming others for what’s happening to them. It’s all about them – everything centers around what is important for them. Always strings attached – They’ll never do anything for you without expecting a return. They gossip, whine, blame –  and attack others and complain about everything. They are unaware – oblivious to relationship dynamics, communication or anyone else’s perspective. They

Authentic Communication | 6 Tips that will Transform your Relationships

Authentic Communication - Kaare Long

Authentic Communication takes a whole truckload of bravery and courage to practice regularly. It’s easy to instead fall into making assumptions, projecting our fears, anxiety and shame onto others, and shielding ourselves from our own truth! This happens so easily because to see our truth would force us to go into our depths, and our depths can require great stamina and strength to swim in when we’re not used to it! Authentic Communication is HARD! Its understandable, as human beings