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Needing a Press Release fast? We can help. Fill out this form with as much detail as possible, and we will deliver a final product to you for a nominal flat fee. We offer this as a 'test drive' of our services and are happy to create it for you before hiring us for regular support. Press Releases for you 'ad hoc' so you can try us out! ( 2 max. per business)

Flat Rate Discount Price: $99 ( payable at submission)

Actual VALUE: $150+


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This will be for your boiler plate, so please provide us with a 250 word short bio of your company that we can craft into a Press Release Boiler Plate.
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If you can, please provide a short sentence 90 words or less that highlight the key points in your story. This will add strength to your Press Release
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Price: $ 99.00
Flat Rate 'On Demand' Press Release