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Social Media Management

The world is talking, are you part of the conversation? Better yet, are you leading the conversation? Social Media is no longer an option in business it is a necessity.



Social Media Coaching

Our years of experience instantly becomes your gain. Personalized and specialized coaching programs to help you to learn how to properly leverage the most powerful marketing tool available to businesses



Community Development Consultations/Training

Our CEO and Creative Director, Kaare Long is a specialist in Community Development both online and off.  If you need to train staff, volunteers, or any support teams in how


Social Media for Social Movement

Social Media, Public Relations and Events in Vancouver, B.C. – Helping Change Agents, Movement Makers, Visionaries and Inspired Businesses to spread their word, create momentum for their movement and encourage a ‘ripple effect’ worldwide.

We work with our International AWARD WINNING ‘C Strategy’ that focuses on: Creativity, Connection,Community, Communication and Collaboration. We foster engaged relationships online and understand how to then take those relationships offline to build positive business and conversion. Unique and personal Strategies to help you make sense of the Social Media World.

If you have a message to share with the world about your organization, business, event or other ‘important happening’ we can help you transform your online profile into an inviting and engaging community to attract potential clients and key collaborators.

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  INSTAGRAM PODS Since the day that Instagram announced that it would be removing the chronological posts and installing an algorithm, much like the one Facebook has, we have been

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