Google+ Social Media Marketing and Public Relations

Digital Marketing – Social Media for Social Change

Social Media, Public Relations and Events - Helping Change Agents, Movement Makers, Visionaries and Inspired Businesses to spread their word, create momentum for their movement and encourage a 'ripple effect' worldwide.
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Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Does Digital Marketing confuse and overwhelm you? Do you want to know what the heck a hashtag is? Are you involved enough in your business that you want to manage your social media marketing, but know you need to learn more? We offer customized and strategic one on one coaching that helps you to become a major player online.

Who We Are

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

The Conversation is Happening - Are you a Part of It? Social Media can be one of your strongest marketing tools to share your message with your clients. Great content gets you attention. Fantastic engagement helps you to build a community around your business so that your clients trust you before they call you.
Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations is the lifeline between you and your business and the public, or community that you serve.PR is a way of getting exposure for you, and your organization using stories of public interest or news items. We combine that with our specialized Social Media Campaigns and Strategies to get you NOTICED.