How to ‘Verify’ Your Facebook Page


Many Facebook users do not know about this step when they create and manage a Facebook Page for their business. Getting your page VERIFIED is a very important step to take in completing work to ensure your page gets seen by the followers you are aiming to welcome in to your online community.


How to Verify your Facebook Page - a Cue Consulting


Getting verified on Facebook is a great way to establish brand credibility online and it lets your audience know you are authentic and will engender more ‘trust’ right away. Trust is an important factor when building up positive relationships online.

Verifying your page is a relatively easy process, but if you don’t know where to look or what to do, it can seem a bit daunting. We’ve decided to create this post for you to guide you through the verification steps so you can do this on your own!

NOTE: Before getting verified you will need to ensure that your page is complete with all the relevant information. Double check that you have completed the following:

  1. Is your page professional looking? Do you have professional logos, brand info and language? Make sure that there is a consistent, professional image throughout your page. Low quality images, profanity language or anything of the like is not professional. Clean that stuff up before you attempt to verify.
  2. Check all of your Company information – is it up to date and current? Ensure you at least have the following filled out:
    1. Website
    2. e-mail address
    3. Bio
    4. Company Description
    5. Location
  3. Provide as much details as possible. Be sure to fill out the phone number, location, your mission statement etc. As much detail as you can.

When all of this is complete, you can move on to applying for verification for you page. Follow the steps below:


FIRST: Click on SETTINGS up on the top of your Facebook page

THEN: From the GENERAL menu, then select the Page Verification option ( if your page does not offer this option, click here)

Verifying your Facebook Page - a Cue Consulting

THEN: Click on Verify this page and ‘get started’ – you will have the option for an instant or more detailed verification process. The instant verification choice gives you the option to have Facebook call the phone number you have listed on your business Page. Be sure to have your business phone nearby as you will be called right away after you submit your number. When Facebook calls, pick up and listen for your code. You’ll be given a verification code, which you’ll enter into the box Facebook provides you with. Then Facebook will add the ‘verification check-mark’ to your page.

Verifying your Facebook Page - a Cue Consulting

Sometimes this easy application does not work. Either because the number you imputed cannot be matched to any business records and Facebook doesn’t recognize it as a legitimate business number. If this happens, you can verify another way.

STEP TWO if needed:

First, click on Verify this Page with documents instead. When prompted, upload a picture of the official document that clearly shows your business’s name and address. For example, an internet or phone bill will work.

Facebook Verification - a Cue Consulting

Once Facebook receives the validation through the authorization code ( phone) or business documents it will review the application within a few days and add your verification check mark. Sometimes it’s instant or sometimes it can take longer – if you’ve waited over a week, check in with Facebook.

That’s it! Now you have added some more credibility to your page and your page will rank higher on the algorithm if it is verified by Facebook. Once you receive your check mark, celebrate and then continue to provide quality content that is of value to your followers!

Any questions? We’d love to hear from you!

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