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brand awareness a cue consulting


Ideal for established businesses with a solid brand identity who desire a professional strategy and plan of action for their digital marketing and lead generation.

Build on your online presence by focusing on your brand awareness. Amplify your visibility and your community and get a clear strategy and direction for your online marketing. Develop a clear plan of action for all your online marketing activities and ensure they are all aligned and working together.


Business Marketing Strategy

Good for businesses that have an online presence but need more strategy and lead generation and marketing consultation overall.

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Meet your Strategic Marketing and Business Growth Team:

Michela Quilici
Business Growth + Marketing Expert
is a business growth + marketing expert. “Business Navigator” is Michela’s middle name and she has a relentless passion for helping service professionals be seen and heard. She navigates mission-driven Entrepreneurs to achieve game-changing success, while building a business aligned to who they are. Over the past 17 years she has worked with hundreds of Canada’s fastest growing entrepreneurially minded companies, from start-up to $20+ million. As a successful entrepreneur, she works with business owners to help them get focused on the marketing and business development activities that will impact their bottom line and generate results.
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Kaare Long
Digital Marketing + Community Engagement Specialist
Kaare Long is a Community Engagement Consultant and online Communications Specialist with a Cue Creative Consulting. Kaare works to build Community and Connection within companies and businesses to serve as an innovative and more integral way to reach customers and clients. Specializing in unique and creative campaigns and projects, Kaare can take your Marketing efforts to the next level by providing Consultation, Creative Direction and Project Management for direct community engagement marketing projects for your company. Kaare combines her skills and experience of over 15 years in Marketing, Performing, Public Relations, Writing and Communications to create unique projects that directly connect to the people behind the statistics so that your business can become an innovative leader in customer care and attention.
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