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Since the day that Instagram announced that it would be removing the chronological posts and installing an algorithm, much like the one Facebook has, we have been scrambling to find ways to work with the algorithm and find ways to increase engagement. Hashtags have proven to be very useful, but then many ( some quite innocent) hashtags ended up being blacklisted due to overuse by other accounts. This severely limited the usefulness of hashtags in getting further engagement for instagram.

What has resulted is a new ‘trick’ or ‘secret’ to getting around this algorithm by recruiting a group of people to ‘like’ or respond to your posts once they go up. It is called an Instagram Pod.

Pods have become increasingly popular, because they do work!

The way the Instagram algorithm works is by seeing how much engagement your post gets within the first 5 mins of being shared. The goal is to sort the overwhelming amount of content by VALUE to your followers.  If you get many ‘likes’ or comments right away, Instagram deems this as a worthy post of value that should be further shared in the timeline. So, having a group available to help you get those immediate ‘likes’ is how the algorithm gets ‘tricked’ into showing your content.


Instagram pods are private groups of 10-15 Instagrammers, bloggers, or businesses that have similar audiences and the desire to increase their Instagram engagement and get more followers. Instagram pods communicate with each other via Instagram DM’s, and every time someone in the pod publishes a new Instagram post, they share it in the group message thread. Instagram pod members will then click on the post, like it, and leave a genuine comment which encourages other, regular followers to engage with the post too. It’s similar to a Facebook Group in the way that it gets instant engagement and also offers extra support to boost engagement.


The Basics:  First, you’re added (or you request to be added) to a closed Instagram group chat. Typically this happens through word-of-mouth, but you can also find  the right instagram pod for you through a few Instagram-themed Facebook Groups (like Instagram Marketing Mastermind, The Gram Gang, or Later Community). Once you’re in, each group has their own rules and stipulations to follow, as with a Facebook group. But if you follow them, you definitely reap the rewards – engagement!


As with any Facebook Group membership, being in an Instagram Pod requires a commitment. The best rule for any social media groups is to GIVE more than you GET. If you practice that regularly, you will gain the many benefits. It does take a lot of work though, and for a novice social media person, this may become overwhelming. You will receive many notifications, and, as part of the group, you will be required to participate by ‘liking’ the posts and making comments. If you are ready for this commitment, the boost in engagement you will get on your Insta account will be well worth it!


We have an Instagram Pod that is just for our clients and Facebook Coaching Group clients and other special invites. If you have an instagram account and would like some extra support, join our group! You’ll need to join our Facebook Private Coaching group first.

THEN – once you have joined, send us a message and state you would like to be added to the Instagram Pod for the group. Then, we’ll add you! Simple as that!


Instagram is fast becoming one of the most used social platforms outside of Facebook. The demographic it reaches is quite expansive. The nature of it’s message and platform is visual which appeals to many. If you are in business and have a demographic that includes the age group 20-50 – then you’ll want to have an Instagram platform! Starting out can be hard, and beating that algorithm can get frustrating. Knowing how pods work for Instagram is a great way to give yourself a ‘boost’ in engagement right out of the gate.

Questions? Let us know!

To join our Facebook Social Media Group Click : ‘C Strategy’ Social Media Coaching Community – then be sure to follow these steps:

1. Please click the link , then click join.

2. Be sure to sign up to our community to be approved instantly to join the group.

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