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Social Media Vancouver - QUACK method

Social media is necessary when starting a business, and not using it is no longer an option. Many don’t understand the impact online communication can do for a brand and business. Think of it as a direct and immediate line to reaching your customers worldwide. If you aren’t using social media as an integral part of growing your business, you need to ask yourself, why? The big question is, are you taking the time to invest in this tool that’s

How To be Popular in a Social Media World

  Being popular doesn’t mean what it always used to. These days your popularity tends to be intertwined online as much as in person. And when it comes to Social Media for business, popularity is essential. It’s a big wide world out there and Social Media has brought us all that much closer together as we can search for anything at the tip of our fingers. For business, Social Media has just started to come into its own and mature.

6 Social Media Myths that Murder your Success Online

Social Media is no longer a passing ‘fad’ and purely a personal luxury to share selfies, the food you are currently eating and pics of your beloved pets. Social Media has quickly become the #1 Marketing tool for businesses worldwide simply because it is where your clients are hanging out, all of the time – and it is mostly FREE! Since this marketing platform is still relatively new to the game, how to utilize it effectively for your business is

8 Simple Ways to Make the Best of Social Media for your Business

Social Media is one of those things in life that tend to appear complex because of it’s simplicity. For many of us business owners who are used to over thinking everything, the very thought of letting go of that practice can be extremely frightening – so, it seems hard when we are challenged that way. But hard it is not. In fact, to really utilize social media to it’s maximum effectiveness there are some very simple things that you can

Is Your Compass Pointed In a ‘Strategic’ Direction For Your Social Media Marketing?

You have picked your location, packed your bags, loaded the car and are ready to start out on your cross country adventure.  Do you venture out without a road-map?  You could, and you may get to where you want to go, but more than likely you will have to make many U-turns, re-directions and end up stopping at a gas station for directions anyways, arriving late and not being able to take in all the sights you had hoped for.

How To Be Unique And Stand Out In a Noisy Social Media World

Social Media is a powerful tool to leverage for your business for many reasons. One of the most difficult challenges to overcome when learning how to utilize these platforms is how to stand out and how to be UNIQUE so that you ARE noticed. So how can you be unique when it feels like it’s all you can do to just keep up with the changing technology? The answer is simpler and easier than you may think. Being unique and

Where oh Where did my Twitter Count Go?

Today I was checking some of my posts to see how they were doing, and to my surprise the share count was less, much less than the previous day. Source: My twitter share count is not working anymore   You may have noticed lately that your Twitter Counter on your blog postings has not been working as it should. Well, it’s not you, and it’s not a glitch. Twitter has actually stopped offering this service. There will be no more

The ‘Mobility’ Of Social Media Marketing

By: Dina Arsenault   In this day and age for technological advancements, everything is in overdrive, information gathering, consuming and sharing all moves in hyper speed. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ as they say, this is the very case in how we, the customer, view and consume social media. It has been estimated on Twitter alone, there are over 302 million active users per day who send out over 500 million tweets with just over 80

#Hashtags: The Business Of Being Social

#Hashtags: The Business of Being Social By: Dina Arsenault  We have all seen them, what appear to be random pairings of words forming phrases, pre-cursored with the number sign so eloquently embedded in various social media platforms.  Many of you have probably wondered to yourself, “Is there a point to this?” or “Wow, that is kinda funny” or “Is this even effective?” and the answer to all of the above, is unequivocally YES! The use of Hashtags, when done properly

10 Ways to use Social Media as a Tool to Create Positive Relationships

 Author – Kaare Long Social Media is one of those funny things where it can have both positive and negative effects on a culture and individuals. A medium designed to connect us all, can sometimes leave us feeling more disconnected than ever. Social Media is a tool, and as such, can be used incorrectly to sometimes create drastic results. Like the ladder not placed properly that fails and falls, or the hammer that is not aimed precisely and hits a