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Win a free ticket to Niagara’s Most Sought After Networking Event! (Ontario Residents Only) The GWEnConference: At the GWEn 2015 Conference – whose theme is Beyond the Brand – you will enjoy a full day of professional development and knowledge sharing. Invaluable information provided by experts, and you will also have several opportunities to connect with fellow women entrepreneurs and leaders throughout the day. Not to mention, this year’s featured speaker is Food Networks and Niagara’s own Anna Olson. The atmosphere at

Learning How To Stay Creative In A Corporate Culture

By Dina Arsenault What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say the words, corporate brand or corporate culture? Rigid, stuffy, uptight, structured, confining, recognizable and limiting to say a few, right? These were my first impressions as well.  I never thought that I would ever work in corporate communications; it just seemed to go against my creative sensibilities. I am a creative person who has always had interests and experiences within the arts community, whether it

Did You Fall For The Facebook Hoax? We Need To Have a Little Chat…

Did you fall for it? Did you fall victim to the Facebook privacy scam?! Or another spam FB hoax? Well, you’d better share this post so you can protect yourself! Actually – what you really fell for was a hoax. And the consequences for that little misstep in judgement are probably more dire than you realize. Before you fall for the trick again and post a long ramble on your personal page or even (gasp) your business page. DON’T! You’ve

Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone And Stepping Into The Circle

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and 'Stepping into the Circle'

By: Camille Crowther Stepping out of your comfort zone can at times feel like you are jumping off a cliff without checking to see if there is water below the edge. It can be a gamble, and you really do not know how it will all work out until you try it. For me, 2015 has been the year of jumping off that cliff, taking that gamble to see whether I sink or swim. I have made some big gambles,

How to Stay Popular in the Social Media World

Being popular doesn’t mean what it always used to. These days your popularity tends to be intertwined online as much as in person. And when it comes to Social Media for business, popularity is essential. It’s a big wide world out there and Social Media has brought us all that much closer together as we can search for anything at the tip of our fingers. For business, social media has just started to come into its own and mature. The

‘Community Winners!’ Our new Blog Series

 Community Winners!  Welcome to our new blog series, Community Winners! In this series we will be highlighting some of the local businesses in and around Vancouver and BC who we feel hold the values that aim to support and connect the communities where they do business. We have identified them as Change Agents and Movement Makers and we feel they will be doing some GREAT things for the world, and they are starting by offering these things to the communities

The ‘Mobility’ Of Social Media Marketing

By: Dina Arsenault   In this day and age for technological advancements, everything is in overdrive, information gathering, consuming and sharing all moves in hyper speed. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ as they say, this is the very case in how we, the customer, view and consume social media. It has been estimated on Twitter alone, there are over 302 million active users per day who send out over 500 million tweets with just over 80

“Community Over Competition”: Not Only Good For You But Good For Your Business

By: Dina Arsenault    If you are a regular follower or reader of our blogs here at a Cue Creative Consulting, you would have noticed a phrase we commonly use, “Community Over Competition”. It is a philosophy we have adopted and instilled a while back in not only our way of doing business, but in how we counsel our clients to market their business as well. It looks like we were ahead of the times, because this very philosophy has

The Best Kept Secret To Success: How to Fail Well

By: Kaare Long Success! That ever elusive word that changes meanings to whomever is speaking it. What does success mean to you? The definition of Success is such: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. An aim or purpose can be different for every person. What determines success for each individual is the accomplishments of that aim or purpose. Once you have defined what success means to you, then what? I truly believe that if you have taken the steps to

How To WIN In Business By Kicking The Competition Concept To the Curb

How To WIN In Business By Kicking Competition To the Curb by Kaare Long  I’m going to start this article by showing ‘by example‘ what I mean by the title. This blog was not inspired because I am so awesome and know so much. I am, but it’s not the reason I felt compelled to write these words today. More often I’m humbled and inspired by all the awesome colleagues and friends in business around me who do the SAME