How to Stay a Positive Force as a Thought Leader Online While the World is in Crisis



There is a lot going on these days in the World. And many of these things feel REALLY bad and can foster negative feelings such as sadness, fear, anger. These feelings are natural, and need to be felt to process through them.

BUT – how do you share and communicate online as these events take place? Do you have a strategy, or a mission? Do you take care with what content you share and what you say about it? Are you aware of the power you hold with your social platforms to be a force of good?

Our gentle suggestion for a social media focus these days is to take note of the ‘vibe’ you are creating online via your personal and business platforms.

Current world issues are stressful and many are taking to social media to vent their concerns – we understand this, but we also think that as thought leaders, all of us can provide NEW perspectives or positive perspectives to current events to lift the vibration.

When you commit to positive values that encourage, empower, support and nurture community you become a leader, one that refuses to get caught up in the ‘mob mentality’ that can and does happen on social media. When you ‘choose’ and make a conscious decision to lead people OUT of the negativity, then you become the change you are so needing to see. Being positive, or sharing positive information does not mean that you are in denial of what is happening, it simply means you have processed your own feelings in private, and then have chosen to be willing to see a different way of approaching these situations that will foster love, connection and community, rather than hate and anger.

You will likely make an incredible difference in MANY people’s lives simply by offering a more ‘positive’ contribution to social media.

Take a moment to think about it. Listen in to your deepest self and connect with what REALLY matters to you. Share that, share the hope and the dreams that you have. Be a beacon of light in the world when there is so much darkness to overcome right now.



Kaare Long
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Kaare Long

Creative Director/CEO at a Cue Creative Consulting
Kaare Long specializes in Social/Digital Marketing as a coach and consultant with her business a Cue Creative Consulting–developing creative, innovative and ‘outside of the box’ online campaigns and supporting businesses to build engaged and effective social media communities online around their brand. Kaare also writes in her own personal blog which was recently selected as one of the Top 30 Mom Bloggers for in Vancouver for 2016. Her writing focuses on being a single parent in the Entrepreneur world and how to survive and thrive by rocking the boat –

Volunteering regularly in the Vancouver community, Kaare sponsors and supports many local artists and community driven businesses and social causes and has been nominated for the ‘Power of Peace Award’ with YMCA the Wendy McDonald award – Vancouver Board of Trade for Community Catalyst and the ‘Community Impact Award‘ from Small Business Awards B.C.
Kaare’s driving force is her strong sense of community support to each and every project she undertakes and she is the founder of the #sayhitoastanger social project in Vancouver.
Kaare Long
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