Social Media Made Easy with the Q.U.A.C.K method!

Social Media Vancouver - QUACK methodSocial media is necessary when starting a business, and not using it is no longer an option. Many don’t understand the impact online communication can do for a brand and business. Think of it as a direct and immediate line to reaching your customers worldwide. If you aren’t using social media as an integral part of growing your business, you need to ask yourself, why?

The big question is, are you taking the time to invest in this tool that’s been so heavily integrated into our culture, and taking advantage of this powerful tool for your business?

Maybe it’s because you don’t know where to start, and that is completely understandable. A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with how to effectively use social media to engage with their audience, and it can be both scary and challenging trying to grow a business and brand online when you’re all over the place.

In order to get your business started online, we’ve created an easy-to-remember social media strategy that can be applied time and time again into your social media marketing plan.

 All you have to remember is the sound a duck makes. QUACK!



The quality of your content is very important. Your content is what you are communicating to your online community.

Choose specific social media channels that your business wants to use and SUCCEED in. There is no point in dabbling with 8 different social channels and achieving mundane performance. If you’re not putting out quality posts, try sticking to 3 or 4 channels that you know you will have the time to understand, and curate high quality content for your audience.


What makes YOU different from the rest?

Post unique content that stands by your individual brand and values. Your content is a reflection of your brand, so don’t be afraid to stand out and let your unique voice shine on your social platforms! Take risks with your content, it’s a helpful way to also analyze what your audience likes and dislikes!


Authenticity is key.

Establishing an authentic presence builds trust and shows to your online community transparency. It’s about creating an honest online voice that is reliable, helpful, and most importantly human. Being authentic online resonates with your audience – be personal, listen, and respond.


Be consistent in tone, image, and presence on all of your platforms.

Brand consistency is very important, and being consistent shows that your brand is not only dependable, but trustworthy. If your social media voice is all over the place, then you are also sending those mixed signals and confusion to your customers. A helpful way to maintaining consistency is creating a social media schedule calendar that breaks down your posts each day. Calendars are a tool that we use and create for our clients in order to stay organized and structured!

Remember to communicate with your audience, consistently interact, engage, and be in constant conversation online. Consistency when it comes to communication shows that you are again, dependable, and present. Constant communication will also help to forge long-lasting relationships with your loyal customers.

K: KNOWLEDGE (Be in the ‘know’)

Social media trends are always changing, and it is an asset to always be on top of current updates, alterations, glitches, and algorithm changes on all platforms.

This not only secures your online presence, but you also position yourself as a ‘social media expert.’ It is also beneficial to be in the ‘know’ with current events. Understand what is happening in the world around you, so that your content is both current and relatable!


Now that you have the #QUACK starter package, it’s up to YOU to utilize this method into your business!

Start quackin’!

QUACK - Social Media Method a Cue Consulting


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Alexandra estanislao

Alexandra is an avid snacker, with a keen eye for creativity and planning events. Upon completing her Bachelor Degree in Communications at Capilano University, she realized her true passions were in Marketing and Public Relations. She has gained valuable insight in coordinating community events, volunteering as PR and sponsorship coordinator for non-profits, and working as a Marketing Executive Assistant. She understands the need to continuously innovate with the digital world and has a particular passion for producing creative campaign strategies, and connecting a company’s individual brand and story to the public through social marketing strategies. She is now focusing her efforts as Junior Consultant at A Cue Creative Consulting.
Alexandra estanislao
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