‘Pump up your Kin’ This Halloween and WIN!

Pump up your Kin - Halloween WIN! a Cue Creative Consulting

Let’s Pump up our Kin and show gratitude with:


What is the definition of the word Kin? 



  1. a person’s relatives collectively; kinfolk.
  2. family relationship or kinship.
  3. a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.

Kin is a family, a tribe – yes, but what makes up a family? Those blood related to you, friends, relationships you’ve made along the way. What about those who help serve you on a daily basis?

  • That go-to coffee spot where they make your latte just right.
  • That kink in your back that finally went away after a few consultations and sessions of deep tissue massage.
  • A bakery that makes your favourite chocolate croissant, and remembers you by name – so they give you extra chocolate drizzle.
  • Your daily cycling class and favourite instructor that you make sure to go to after work to sweat out the stress and catch up after a busy day.

All of these businesses and the people in our community make up your daily routine, and collectively bring a smile to your face. They make your days a little brighter, right? Even businesses that ARE family that you value, love, and, support. They are all a part of your community circle, and we are all about community and the importance of making relationships and lifting each other up.

This week we are running a fun campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram called #PumpurKin. You tag your favourite local businesses with the hashtag #PumpurKin and show them some love! Tag your kin and pump up their day while they pump up yours! Most of them will be surprised that a simple coffee, or baked good accompanied with a smile meant so much to you! Since it’s nearing halloween we also have some special ‘tricks’ and ‘treats’ for you! Heres how to play! Special bonuses if you share pics of your favourite business(es) as well!

Click on the links below to start pumping up your favourite local businesses!

On Instagram: Click here to go to our post “LINK “ and simply comment below our post and tag the kin you want to pump up with the hashtag #PumpurKin saying thanks!

OR you can post a photo on your personal account, tag us @acuecreativeconsulting tag the business e.g.  “@himandicafe” and use the hashtag #PumpurKin

On Facebook:  Visit our FB page and in the comment section of the post share the businesses you want to pump up and show gratitude to and TAG them – also use the hashtag #PumpurKin!

OR you can post a photo on your personal/business account, tag us @acuecreativeconsulting tag the business e.g.  “@himandicafe” and use the hashtag #PumpurKin ( note: this will do wonders for your REACH!)

On Twitter: Tweet to your kin(s) of choice, tag them, tag us @aCueConsulting, and use the hashtag #PumpurKin!

OR you can post a photo on your personal account, tag us @acuecreativeconsulting tag the business e.g.  “@himandicafe” and use the hashtag #PumpurKin

Not only are you pumping up their day, they will feel the appreciated, and it’s that endless circle of reciprocity that makes the world go round. You also have a chance to win gift cards and treats from those you pumped up! The more you PUMP the more you WIN!

At a Cue Creative Consulting we love building up and supporting our Community – so lets all support our amazing local businesses!

Let’s give back to our community, our favourite businesses, our kin, that make our days just a little better! We’ll announce our most ‘awesome’ local biz supporter on Halloween eve day! Whoever pumps up the most businesses will WIN a $25 Gift Certificate to the business of their choice!

SHARING is CARING – Share this campaign on your accounts to gain extra Pumpkin Points! 

Pump up your Kin - Halloween Social Media Contest


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