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Being popular doesn’t mean what it always used to. These days your popularity tends to be intertwined online as much as in person. And when it comes to Social Media for business, popularity is essential.

It’s a big wide world out there and Social Media has brought us all that much closer together as we can search for anything at the tip of our fingers.

For business, Social Media has just started to come into its own and mature. The last 10 years of this new platform has been about learning, adjusting, integrating. Essentially, Social Media has been in its infancy with us along with it as we bang our new toy around and try to figure out how to use it best. The next 10 years will continue to see an increased use of Social Media for business as it has now become an essential aspect to running any business.

So, you thought you left the popularity race behind in high school? Well, think again. It isn’t quite the same hierarchy as in highschool, as popularity on Social Media begins and ends with honesty. Honesty? Yes indeed. Authenticity wins the game online and the reason for that is it sets you aside from all the other noise. Being uniquely YOU is the best and only strategy you should adopt.

There are some other tactics that support your popularity campaign and they all align with the main strategy of ‘Authenticity’.

1. Look your Best and Be Seen, Regularly – Ok – maybe in reality you aren’t one who checks the fashion styles every season and wears the newest trend. Heck, perhaps you aren’t even out of the trend from 3 years ago. That is ok. You want to be you, but be the best YOU you can be. Taking pics of yourself and posting them online is one of the quickest ways to get people involved in you and your life. Don’t wait until you feel you look PERFECT – Perfection is a Pathology and doesn’t exist anyway. Of course don’t over do it. Treat online relationships as you would any other relationship. If you are all about you all the time, you’ll lose friends fast. Looking professional in whatever look you decide to go with is the best rule of thumb.

2. Network, network, network – Those with the most business cards WIN! Well, not really. But in Social Media the more you connect and reach out to others the more popular you will get. It’s the natural order of social – if you only broadcast every day you won’t gain too many followers, or you will cap out. If you get out there and support others, engage and start conversations you will become a high roller pretty quickly.

3. Be entertaining – Don’t stress out too much about this one. Again, be yourself but also invest in some ‘good ole creativity’. Creativity is fun, and it is unique. Unless you are REALLY dull naturally, and if you are you probably don’t even know it, just highlight your quirks and play with your eccentricities. Have fun sharing YOU with the world. We do want to know what intrigues you, what makes you laugh, what you have passion for, what irks you. Just be careful and don’t over share or post negativity or anger. Be professional.

4. Socialize! – This one seems like a no brainer, but again it is one of the last things many businesses do with their social strategy. It is not about promoting. It is NEVER about promoting. Your marketing will come naturally as you build relationships and a community around your brand and you’ll do this by being authentic, being you and being social. It is SOCIAL Media after all.

5. Be a cheerleader – ok, this one is a bit like highschool, but it works. If you engage online and enthusiastically support other people’s passions, endeavors, events etc. you will become extremely popular. Why? Because it’s human nature. We enjoy and need to be supported and when someone supports us authentically it makes us feel good. When you make people feel good, most of them will return the favour. It’s the biggest rule to playing the Social Media game effectively. ‘GIVE more than you GET’

If you follow these 5 tips you’ll start to be a pretty major player pretty quickly. Remember to be YOU and to be SOCIAL. Your business will benefit immensely as your charming personality starts to spread through the internet and into the homes of many potential clients.

Remember: Being popular online isn’t the end game, it is just a business strategy and part of your overall marketing strategy. The rule of the game is quality over quantity. Don’t stress over the number of likes and change your approach constantly. Stick with it and over time you will learn the best rhythm for you and your business. It can take months and even years to develop a strong presence online. So stay the course and be consistent!


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