Lights, Camera! – It’s Time To Go LIVE in 2017

I believe it was Gary Vaynerchuk who predicted in 2016 “that video is king; it’s still evolving and changing rapidly.”  An evolution that I know will continue into 2017 and beyond.

Facebook Live for your Business - a Cue Consulting

Let’s be real, 2016 was definitely the year of the video.  The launch and skyrocketing success of Facebook LIVE, the launch of the 1 minute video and the Live Streaming option on Instagram and now the implementation of Live Video Streaming option on YouTube. The message is clear – People are responding to the visual medium of video, especially the LIVE Video platform, and as a result, social media and its users are reaping the benefits.

Needless to say, this popularity shows no sign of slowing down in 2017 – It only promises to be bigger and much more interactive and powerful as we inch closer to the advent of Virtual Reality (VR) in marketing as shown by the latest top secret production of a VR based film about the life of Darth Vader by Lucasfilm and so many more VR shorts in pre-production.

As what was seen in a recent Forbes Magazine article, Virtual Reality can be strategically used as a marketing tool to:

  1. Demonstrate product attributes, features, functionality (Samsung Gear VR)
  2.  Communicate the brand’s mission at point of sale (Tom’s)
  3.  Immerse users in a branded entertainment experience and add excitement at pop-up events for social media sharing (Game of Thrones)
  4.   Help consumers make more informed choices so they’ll be happier with their purchases (Lowe’s)
  5.   Add a new, more immersive and exhilarating dimension to traditional print and video story-telling (The New York Times)
  6.  Show how a brand can fit into an aspirational lifestyle (Mercedes)

So as you can see, we are only at the tip of the iceberg with Virtual Reality in marketing, but the possibilities are endless and they begin and end with the use of Video.

Me demonstrating Facebook LIVE For GWEn Conference participants
Me Demonstrating Facebook LIVE For GWEn Conference participants. Link to the Facebook LIVE of this demo HERE (Even I make flubs)

All of that aside, here is why I believe that LIVE Video streaming is so important for your online marketing efforts:

  1. Video encourages social shares

First things first, people engage with content that can elicit an emotion within them.  Whether it is laughter, sadness, anger etc.  Video is one of the easiest ways to achieve this.  The more shares means the more hits to your social media platforms, the more hits to your platforms means the more potential for generating new followers and well, you get where I am going with this.  So, get creative with your live video streaming and choose topics that you know your followers will not only want to watch, but also share with their own networks.

 2. Video engages audiences

As I had mentioned with the first point, people engage with content that can elicit an emotion within them.  They also engage with content that is interactive and that they can be a part of.  LIVE video is just this type of medium. When you go LIVE, your followers are sent a notification, this gives them the opportunity to participate – To view live, ask questions directly to you and engage with other followers who are watching live as well.  Watching a LIVE Broadcast gives them a sense of being a part of an exclusive online community that is centered around your brand.

3. Video builds trust with your followers

Going LIVE gives you an opportunity to create a unique personality around your brand.  Being able to see you speak and interact in real time LIVE is an effective and unique way to build trust and a relationship with your followers. Seeing you being ‘real’ and unedited, allows your followers to connect with you as a person who has flaws and makes mistakes like they do, versus just a stagnant stylized logo. This is paramount in building the trust needed for someone to want to do business with you.  At the end of the day, it is about building those communities online that you can eventually take offline.  Focus on building communities, not markets.

4. Video has proven to increase your organic reach

It is no secret that Facebook likes you to use Facebook integrated systems.  So using Facebook LIVE video streaming has proven to boost your organic reach.  With the recent changes to the algorithms on Facebook, any help in the organic reach department can not be ignored or under utilized.  And the fact that this feature is FREE to use, well you don’t need to be a mathematician to see the great ROI on using this for your online digital marketing efforts.

At the end of the day, if you focus on utilizing your creativity to create communities online that you can connect with, no matter what, you will always be ahead of the game in your digital marketing efforts.  When you take the time to focus on building relationships versus just selling to your followers I guarantee, you will build a solid foundation to build and grow your business effectively both on and offline.  As it turns out, Video is a great tool to do just that.

“Marketers are starting to let their hair down and realize that great video content doesn’t need to be highly produced. Live-streaming gives everyone the opportunity to connect with each other in real-time, which humanizes social media and provides a way for us to have more meaningful experiences that go far beyond just giving retweets and likes.” – Ileane Smith

For those of you who are still nervous about going LIVE with your online marketing efforts, here are some top a Cue Creative Consulting Tips for utilizing Facebook LIVE for your online marketing efforts as outlined by my colleague Kaare Long.

Simply click the Facebook LIVE link!

If you are still having reservations, by all means drop me a line I would be more than happy to give you a hand and get you on your way to effectively connecting and engaging with your online community!

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