Instagram Has Gone Algorithm – Are you Ready for It?

Instagram has announced a new algorithm for its platform

instagram is adding an algorithm a Cue Creative ConsultingInstagram used to be a sequential newsfeed and most of our posts were seen eventually by our followers, but with an impressive growth over the last year Instagram feels that viewers are missing over 70% of posts due to the shear numbers of users on the platform. With over 4oo million users monthly and an increased number of advertisers this was inevitable.

In order to make the instagram experience more user friendly, they have decided to adopt their own algorithm which will show you photos based on your set of interests, your relationship with the poster and the time the post was made.

Some users are fairly upset about this stating that this will ruin Instagram, while others feel it will optimize the experience. We are unsure at this point what will be the end result and think that it is something only time will tell. As with Facebook, changes are often met with resistance, but gradually are assimilated and accepted and we think this trend will continue with Instagram.

What does this mean for you and your business? It means that you will have to monitor and strategize your posting as you would with Facebook. Engaging with your followers will be important, as will ‘likeing’ and commenting on content that you enjoy to teach the algorithm what you want to see.  Many users will see a drop in engagement with this new system, and others might see an increase, it all depends on how the algorithm chooses what you see and what your followers see of your content.

Instagram’s algorithm will unlikely be as drastic as Facebook in its dramatic reduction of organic reach for FB pages when the algorithm was implemented. Experts in the field are expecting a different result with Instagram. 360i’s vp of social marketing and strategy Orli LeWinter states:

“I don’t believe Instagram will go full-fledge Facebook with its suppression of all organic reach for content,” she said. “The Instagram community is just different and expects a level of authenticity and accessibility that isn’t reflected on Facebook.”

We would suggest tracking engagement over the next month or so to see if there are any trends surfacing and then adopt a strategy around that.

The best strategy with Social Marketing is to stay on top of the ever changing environment and do your best to work with it!

If you have any questions about this recent change for Instagram, get in touch with us!

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Kaare Long

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Kaare Long specializes in Social/Digital Marketing as a coach and consultant with her business a Cue Creative Consulting–developing creative, innovative and ‘outside of the box’ online campaigns and supporting businesses to build engaged and effective social media communities online around their brand. Kaare also writes in her own personal blog which was recently selected as one of the Top 30 Mom Bloggers for in Vancouver for 2016. Her writing focuses on being a single parent in the Entrepreneur world and how to survive and thrive by rocking the boat –

Volunteering regularly in the Vancouver community, Kaare sponsors and supports many local artists and community driven businesses and social causes and has been nominated for the ‘Power of Peace Award’ with YMCA the Wendy McDonald award – Vancouver Board of Trade for Community Catalyst and the ‘Community Impact Award‘ from Small Business Awards B.C.
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Kaare Long
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