What IS Facebook Reach? And Does it Matter?

Facebook Reach Explained - a Cue Creative Consulting

  Facebook Reach is that little number at the bottom left corner of your post on your business page. This number is a count of the number of people that have seen your content in their newsfeeds. It doesn’t measure true engagement on your page and is not a really good analytic to measure your success by – it’s more of a gauge of how many people are ‘seeing’ it and if Facebook deems it of enough value to share

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How to Deal With Cyber Bullies As A Business

Cyber Bully and your business - a Cue Creative Consulting

Keyboard warriors, cyber bullies, trolls. No matter what you call them, they are all the same –  haters whose life mission is to spread misery wherever they go. In light of recent occurrences I have seen online, especially with the ongoing mud slinging and character assassinations we are witnessing with the current presidential campaign taking place in the United States. I felt it prudent to address this topic and explain what these online ‘trolls’ are, what their agenda really is and

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What Does Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Change Mean for Your Business Page?

Facebook-Algorithm-Changes-a Cue Consulting

With the launch of Facebook’s newest algorithm change, many businesses have seen a significant drop in engagement and viewers of their content. This recent change is one of the toughest ones yet, and will reduce content from your page being seen in newsfeeds significantly. Facebook wants to prioritize content from ‘friends to friends’ over businesses in it’s news feed due to the competition for ‘stage time’ between businesses and individuals. They state that Facebook is meant to be about friends

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Women Small Business Owners – The Backbone of Our Impacted Economy


Small business ownership plays a vital role in developing both the economic and social fabric of both Ontario and BC, this we already know. Not only does it play a vital role, it has been deemed as the ‘backbone’ of both economies. Small businesses in Niagara are “too big to ignore and a market like Niagara, 98 per cent of businesses are considered small businesses,” said Mishka Balsom, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce.

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The ‘C Strategy’ of Powerful and Effective Social Media Marketing

The C strategy - a Cue Creative Consulting

What is this ‘C Strategy’ we talk about? It is a carefully constructed Internationally Award Winning process that infuses certain actions and planning for social media that results in a powerful and engaged community online for your business. We’ve established the C Strategy after years of studying, working in and learning about how Social Media works, and the best practices or ‘systems’ for using this medium to market your business in a powerful way. Leveraging social media marketing can increase

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8 Simple Ways to Make the Best of Social Media for your Business

Simple steps to make social media work for you - a Cue Consulting

Social Media is one of those things in life that tend to appear complex because of it’s simplicity. For many of us business owners who are used to over thinking everything, the very thought of letting go of that practice can be extremely frightening – so, it seems hard when we are challenged that way. But hard it is not. In fact, to really utilize social media to it’s maximum effectiveness there are some very simple things that you can

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Is Your Compass Pointed In a ‘Strategic’ Direction For Your Social Media Marketing?


You have picked your location, packed your bags, loaded the car and are ready to start out on your cross country adventure.  Do you venture out without a road-map?  You could, and you may get to where you want to go, but more than likely you will have to make many U-turns, re-directions and end up stopping at a gas station for directions anyways, arriving late and not being able to take in all the sights you had hoped for.

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Facebook LIVE for you and your Business – What, Why and Where

Facebook LIVE for your business - a Cue Consulting

WHAT Facebook LIVE is the newest tool to hit the social marketing airwaves and we are particularly excited about this new development. It is a tool that allows you to broadcast a video of yourself or your surroundings LIVE. That means in the ‘here and now’ – there is no delay between filming and posting – as you are broadcasting, your followers will be informed and you are available to view immediately. You are also able to view comments from

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How To Be Unique And Stand Out In a Noisy Social Media World

How to be unique and stand out in a swarm of social media noise - Kaare Long

Social Media is a powerful tool to leverage for your business for many reasons. One of the most difficult challenges to overcome when learning how to utilize these platforms is how to stand out and how to be UNIQUE so that you ARE noticed. So how can you be unique when it feels like it’s all you can do to just keep up with the changing technology? The answer is simpler and easier than you may think. Being unique and

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Facebook Live is LIVE – What does this mean for Me the Small Business Owner?

Facebook lIve

With the rise of live streaming apps like Periscope and Snapchat it is no surprise that Facebook would need to step up their game and create their own video streaming app unique to their own platform as well. The result, Facebook Live! First glitch, it is only available on all Iphones at this point, not Androids. But, according to Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg and his team are working on the technology to achieve this as we speak. When this will be,

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